Tabletop Moss Ideas for You

Moss and serenity go together......

Many gardeners have become interested in using moss in their landscapes. 

Now imagine capturing the lush serenity of a moss garden and shrinking it down in a miniature tabletop moss garden. 

The deep colors and textures of moss can create a container garden that is soothing to look at and fun to touch! 

this is from \- Outdoor Entertaining Ideas and Recipes

How to do this? Well, the Martha Stewart people suggest filling a galvanized-metal planter (available at garden centers) with fresh potting soil and two kinds of Irish moss (the dark-green Sagina subulata and the chartreuse S. subulata 'Aurea') to create a checkerboard pattern.

 After a few days, they say you plant the moss in your garden. What a great idea!


The Moss Acres website also sells a Tabletop Zen Garden in a Japanese-style ceramic bowl that features an assortment of Mosses, Christmas Fern, and river stones. You put it together yourself....
Water your new indoor garden once a week and mist it frequently to enjoy rich contrasts of tranquil greens.

There are many kinds of mosses you can use - take lift them from the outdoors (that is what I do) or order them on line at moss

Sunset magazine suggests a table top moss garden set atop a cookie sheet:

This info comes from sunset magazine website and is by Sharon Cohoon and Kathleen N. Brenzel

Pasadena landscape architect Heather Lenkin created the centerpiece below.

Buy floral moss and soak it in water to make it easier to work with, tear off chunks, squeeze out excess water, then place moss atop a table.

 Black reindeer moss with a blue-gray tillandsia

Green reindeer moss with tiny violas

simple moss bowl shown in 'whoneedsthegrass' blogspot.:

I love this one above - great gift idea  for your gardening friends..

Go out now and collect the moss and rocks and ferns, find some inexpensive bowls, grow it on and give the best gift ever at holiday time....


  1. Love moss...not easy to keep alive in Houston. I do have a big mossy boulder that has greened up with all our rain this fall. I love the idea of using it as a table decoration, saved and Pinned!


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