Color Echoing in the Garden

I echoed the pink color using sedum, begonias and hydrangeas - I also spread it around the bed -  a few here and more there. Try it - spread it all around.  Garden Design is part experimentation or as I like to say 'planned accidents'.

I am planting up a lot of flower gardens for clients right now. I use a technique called "color echoing”. You echo the color using different plants that have the same color, as shown above.

And it can also mean spreading out the color - This is very much like making a painting - you repeat a color by using it throughout the garden. This carries the eye around the whole scene. 

Swedish Ivy is planted all around this garden to break up the plant colors. Repeat this in all parts of the flower bed.

For example, plant seven hot pink New Guinea impatiens in a group in one part of the garden bed and then place five more on the other side of the bed - stagger the colors randomly around the garden bed in a mosaic type layout. When they grow in, it makes a beautiful tapestry of color!
We spread out the colorful begonias and mixed it up
"Color echoing" therefore has 2 meaning in my opinion. It is about using the same color found in different plants and it also is about spreading it around the garden.

  For example, when I plant white tuberous begonias in a bed I may echo the white by planting Swedish ivy that has green and white variegated foliage. And I then may add white 'Diamond Frost' euphorbia. 

All whites, different plants and then plant them here, there and everywhere in your display.


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