Start With the Leaves and All Else Will Follow

 “The closer we live to the ground that we live from, the more we will know about our economic life; the more we know about our economic life, the more able we will be to take responsibility for it.”  
 Wendell Berry
Leaves are vital to our gardens - and environment. They are a natural resource full of nutrients.

When leaves decompose they nourish and enrich the soil. They feed its microbes and organisms. Fallen leaves are life giving aids for the soil. Saving our leaves can reduce soil infertility and lessen our dependence on synthetic fertilizer.

In traditional cultures, fallen leaves were looked upon as a precious material. They did not stuff leaves in plastic bags and ship the away on trucks. 
Why do we despise leaves that have fallen to the ground? Manicured lawns and gardens do not have areas for leaves to be stored and composted. We should mulch leaves, not banish them. Soil tilth is the only way. Returning leaves to their natural cycle helps lessen unnecessary costs. Localization begins with leaves.


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