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Yin / Yang in the Garden - A Landscape Design Tip

The High Point / Shady Corner Balance – Serenity Assured A truly harmonious outdoor space is a blend of both open space and shady shelter. The counterbalance of these two opposites can be seen as the ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ of the landscape.   Johnsen Landscapes & Pools - A high point or open level lawn is bright and forceful, ‘yang’. A sheltered shady spot is muted and soft or ‘yin’. Seeing the world through the complementary lens of yin and yang is an eye opening exercise. Gardens containing both qualities feel balanced and comfortable. Therefore shady sites near open sunny lawns are thoroughly enjoyable places to sit. A note:   moderation is the key to a tranquil and harmonious outdoor space.   Stay away from extremes of ‘yang’ or ‘yin’. For example, if a high point is too high or too exposed, it can be feel scattered.   Likewise, if a low area is too deep or shady, it feels stagnant.  But an open lawn ringed by trees is a delightful b

A Glorious Fall Planting at the NY Botanical Garden

Recently I visited the Jane Watson Irwin Perennial Gardens at the New York Botanical Garden. What a treat in November! I was was so impressed I decided to share with you some of the plants in one corner of this wonderful garden space.  And to think this is in the Bronx, NY.....

Born with a Green Thumb - Jan Johnsen

The most recent edition of a local magazine '914Inc' featured 28 of Westchester County's accomplished women if you want to know a little about the writer of this garden blog, read article link here: Born with a Green Thumb Jan Johnsen Founder and Co-Principal, Johnsen Landscapes & Pools When she was in the third grade, Jan Johnsen planted corn seeds on the windowsill of her family’s New York apartment.  She soon branched out to the fire escape, where pots of flowers and vegetables thrived. At 16, she won first prize in the Manhattan borough-wide science fair with an experiment on how sound affects the growth  of plants. “My teacher thought it was a stupid idea,” she says, “and that made me want to do it more. I just intuitively knew there was a connection.” Since then,

A Waterfall Garden - A Short Video Tour

waterfall by Jan Johnsen I am new to the video world but it seems like a perfect way to give garden tours without making you leave your house.. So if you are interested in creating a cascade I hope this walk through a waterfall garden will inspire you and give you some ideas.

Life of Flowers Video - Nature is Magnificent

This short video is so lovely - if you love flowers this is for you.