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A Reliable Stunner : Coleus

What plant likes sun or shade - is Fast Growing - Easy to Grow - Adds a visual POP to planters or beds?

the answer  :  Coleus
(Solenostemon scutellarioides )

'Sedona' Coleus - Planting by Melanie Granger
Coleus is a versatile foliage plant that is always at your service, no special requirements other than water and maybe a little pinching as the season progresses... and it thrives in part shade!

What's not to love?

It is an exuberant houseplant, a summertime dazzler and a fabuloso filler plant suitable for any and all applications...

It looks especially wonderful in pots. Place several together like this:

Inky Fingers Coleus, Chartreuse Sweet Potato Vine and others - by Melanie Granger

or in a low, wide mouth planter with ferns:

Or you can plant it in shady plant bed alongside the perennial Ladies Mantle ( alchemilla mollis):

Alabama Sunset Coleus with Ladies Mantle
Or you plant it beneath larger plants - as I did below with a weeping blue atlas cedar.

Coleus sports a wide r…

Amazing Color in a Longwood Garden - lavender, purple, and more

Those of us who love color (me! me!) can’t resist the urge to include all the hues on the color wheel in their garden.
wow - look at that picnic table! at Stone Meadow it.
Color certainly adds a dramatic punch to a garden but it can also result in a visual cacophony. 
courtesy : Timber Press
Longwood Gardens, in Kennett Square, Pa addressed this dilemma in their 600 foot long ‘Flower Garden Walk’. Along this broad brick walk is a mix of annual and perennial flowers, spring bulbs, woody shrubs and ornamental grasses showcasing one individual color followed by another.  As you stroll, you experience the full impact of each color of the rainbow, one at a time. At the start is a grand sweep of lavender, purple and blue

courtesy: historicfloralgardens.blogspot 
which melds into soft pinks and reds then changes to oranges and warm yellows,

Ultimately ending in white.

Some of the plants in this garden : butterfly-bush  Golden oriental arborvitae, panicle hydrangea (Hydrangea paniculat…

Stars of a Fall Garden - Fountain Grasses - Red Head, 'Prince', 'Princess' and Karley Rose

Sedum, Salvia and Dwarf Pennisetum
In fall, fountain grasses are a stand out.
And there are so many to choose from!

Fountain grass (Pennisetum sp.) is a graceful, DEER RESISTANT and sun loving ornamental grass with feathery plumes that persist into fall.

Its relatively small size makes it a great plant for containers, rock gardens, borders, massing or as a specimen.     Once established, they tolerate heat, humidity and full sun.
Johnsen Landscapes & Pools
Of course with all this wonderfulness there is a down side - certain fountain grasses are considered invasive, not all, but some.

 There is a lot of discussion on which varieties are invasive with people saying,  'This species is OK but that one isn't'. 

Some people, to be safe, don't buy any. I would counsel you to look in your area to see which ones are no nos.
Nonetheless, the dwarf fountain grass is a must for a sunny fall garden. Greenwood Nursery describes why this is so:

"Strolling in the garden in the fall …

DAFFODIL PLANTING - Remembrance of 9/11/01 by a Community in New York

There is no more fitting to place to honor and remember those that were lost than in a garden....

it reminds us that 
life goes on, in all Nature's wondrous 

I Heard an Angel
by William Blake
I heard an Angel singing
When the day was springing,
"Mercy, Pity, Peace
Is the world's release." Eleven years ago I suggested to my village, Croton on Hudson, NY, that we plant daffodils to commemorate those who perished on September 11, 2001. 

And so every year the people of Croton of all ages come out and plant daffodils in public areas.  Daffodil Planting
Village of Croton-on-Hudson

The Croton Conservation Advisory Council invites you to join 
the 11thannual Daffodil planting  on October 13, 2012
at DUCK POND, Croton.. 9am to 12 pm. Rain or shine