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A Rare Honey Moon on the Summer Solstice - Tomorrow, June 20

On June 20, 2016 there will be a very rare Honey Moon at the  same time of the summer solstice - the longest day of the year.   June's full moon is  known as a "Honey Moon" because it can have a slightly golden tint,  according to .   That's because it appears low in the sky, meaning we are viewing it through the lens of more of the Earth's atmosphere. This is the lowest moon of the year, the moon's path across the sky this month actually mimics the sun's low arc across the sky in December, according to EarthSky. The June Full Moon rising appears to loom impossibly large  near the horizon.  That effect has long been recognized as  the Moon Illusion .  The cause of the  giant Moon illusion is poorly understood and not explained  by atmospheric  optical effects, such as scattering and refraction...they cannot fully explain this !   Btw, is this why they call the sojourn after a wedding a Honeymoon? Did everyone get married

Muhammad Ali's Peace Garden Initiative

photo courtesy of  business wire The Muhammad Ali Center  of Lexington, Ky and Yum! Brands Foundation launched the global  Muhammad Ali Center Peace Gardens  project on September 21, 2010.  This coincided with the United Nations International Day of Peace . Peace gardens focus on using  edible plants from different cultures to teach youth about the world through culinary delights.  They also teach children how to "nurture and care for other living things" and remind them about the importance of fruits and vegetables  in their diets.   Through the process of growing food students learn about nature's processes and increase their access to fresh fruits and vegetables. What better way to create awareness about hunger than to have them actively involved in growing a garden, taking food home to their families, and giving to the community? The model for this idea came from the John F. Kennedy Montessori school.  Children participate

Add a Lively Red Accent in Your Landscape

(Red New Guinea Impatiens,landscape and photo by Jan Johnsen) Bold. Bright. Pop. This is what  RED  adds to a garden. RED , an eye catching hue, stands up to the summer sun's withering glare in the afternoon. When all pastels fade away, red, orange and yellow sing their hearts out....and  RED  always steals the show. RED  has a vivid history - Check it out on the  sensational color  website. It is the color of the root chakra (this means 'energy point) of the body: "This   chakra is located at the base of the spine and allows us to be grounded and connect to the universal energies. Groundedness, belonging...." (sounds perfect for all us  grounded gardeners ) In Japan  RED  is associated with certain deities. Their “Shinkyo” (Sacred Bridge) in Nikko, Japan is a wonderful example of the contrast  RED   makes with green   in a natural setting. You can also see how effective  RED  is in the modern Chinese  Red Ribbon  in Tanghe River Park ,  d