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Garden Quote of the Day

“Perfection is everywhere if we only choose to recognize it.” 

― Okakura KakuzōThe Book of Tea

Plant of the Year - Chelsea, 2014 - Miss Saori Hydrangea

coming 2016:
Miss Saori Hydrangea
Plant of the Year, Chelsea Flower Show 2014. 

'Miss Saori' is from Japan and is a dwarf hydrangea growing to about 3 ft. by 3 ft. with leaves that turn burgundy in the summer.  
This compact hydrangea blooms on old and new wood, giving it potential to bloom in colder climates where stems might be knocked back to the ground in winter.
The mophead flowers are white with picotee pink edges.
 In milder climates it will bloom over an extended period of time—first on old wood and later on new wood.
I don't know the hardiness zone. Sorry.

I will be speaking at Rutgers University Oct 28, 2015

I will be speaking on Wednesday Oct 28 at 4 pm to the Department of Landscape Architecture...about creating serenity, what else?


Mellow Fall Scene - like melting butterscotch

Circles and reflections in the Fall - a very mellow scene

Watch with Glittering Eyes

It's all about magical thinking....

Solastalgia and Ecopsychology - Words for our time

Photo by Corbyrobert - Garden of the Gods   
 Have you heard of  'Solastalgia' ?
A big word for a simple idea.

Solastalgia is "A pain or discomfort caused by the present state of one’s home environment".   It is an emotional suffering felt by different people in different locations as the degradation of the environment continues. It affects indigenous people and urban / industrial denizens alike.

“Solastalgia” has been used to describe the experiences of Inuit communities coping with the effects of rising temperatures, refugees from Katrina, Bangladeshi farmers in a drought stricken land. 

Solastalgia is also what we feel when we become disconnected from our natural environment.....

In 2010 The New York Times published a great article on the term term by Daniel B. Smith (he holds the Critchlow Chair in English at the College of New Rochelle).  I took a lot of info from that article for this blog post.

This concept is not new.  Ecopsychology is  “the relationship between env…

Fountain Grasses- a Stand Out

 Dwarf Pennisetum
In fall, fountain grasses are a stand out.
And there are so many to choose from!

Fountain grass (Pennisetum sp.) is a graceful, DEER RESISTANT and sun loving ornamental grass with feathery plumes that persist into fall.

Its relatively small size makes it a great plant for containers, rock gardens, borders, massing or as a specimen.     Once established, they tolerate heat, humidity and full sun.
Johnsen Landscapes & Pools
Of course with all this wonderfulness there is a down side - certain fountain grasses are considered invasive, not all, but some.

 There is a lot of discussion on which varieties are invasive with people saying,  'This species is OK but that one isn't'. 

Some people, to be safe, don't buy any. I would counsel you to look in your area to see which ones are no nos.
Nonetheless, the dwarf fountain grass is a must for a sunny fall garden. Greenwood Nursery describes why this is so:

"Strolling in the garden in the fall and early winter, aft…

I am speaking Monday Oct. 19 - Silver Spring, MD

I am speaking on Monday, October 19 at 8 pm  to the  Silver Spring Garden Club

It will be at  Montgomery College   Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus in the Health Sciences Center Building,   Room 122 
for more info go here:

Asters - A Flower for October

Asters are flowers that provide the last feeding opportunities for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators.

They are a vital source of nectar and pollen for migrating Monarchs and are perfect for fall borders and shrub beds.

I like asters mixed with grasses and late summer perennials such as Persicaria 'Taurus' (above) and  Chocolate White Snakeroot (Eupatorium rugosum 'Chocolate'). Also with Agastache Tutti Frutti below:

The light purple 'October Skies' Aster shines when mixed with 'Autumn Joy' sedum, 'Karl Foerster' feather reedgrass, lady's mantle, lamb's ears, marigold tenuifolia.

Try asters mixed with marigold as shown above. Asters will make you glad in October.

Wavy Fence -Garden Photo of the Day

There is something so sweet about an undulating fence...I took this photo  in Wellfleet,  Ma. Roadside glamour for sure.