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How to Plant a Rooftop Garden - a Great Infographic

Building a roof garden is a compelling vision but it can be a daunting task if you don't  know where to begin.  Here is a comprehensive infographic made by Custom Made.  
They also have a complete how-to post that accompanies this graphic - Click HERE FOR ARTICLE.

Garden Photo of the Day - Cracked Log Lamp

Duncan Meerding designs some great stuff...

I especially like his Cracked Log Lamp. I like it so much I chose it as the Garden Photo of the Day - although I do not think this photo is accurate. I do not think you can use them outside...

Why not make your own with outdoor rated electrical fixtures?

A Powerpoint talk on Fragrance in the Garden ....

I have a great Powerpoint talk about Designing with Fragrance in the Garden...
if anyone is interested in having me present this talk at a symposium, conference or to a group please contact me.

Cottage Garden Flowers

The traditional cottage gardens of Great Britain contain both vegetables and flowers - the flowers attract the bees to pollinate the crops. 

Thus cottage gardens are filled with colorful, scented blossoms and herbs. The tallest plants are at the back and shortest ones in front.

The flowers border the gravel paths and make quite a show. A confluence of shapes, color and texture make the garden an exuberant display of nature's finest. You can't make a mistake with this so have fun!

Its All About the (annual) Flowers

Annual flowers - those that bloom all summer into late fall (then give it up for good) - are the secret to a joyful and colorful garden. 
I know some people might think that colorful flowers are too bright, too eye-catching or overstated but I say, 'embrace the color!'

Nature communicates through color. Color is its catalyst and its signal. Birds and insects navigate by color, among other things, and besides, annual flowers' color makes us happy.

It does require extra work in the spring.

You must prepare the flower beds and plant seeds or small plants during the cool days of spring. But boy, does it pay off during the summer and fall. The display enriches our everyday life and greets us every morning with a colorful 'pop'.

I know all about annual flowers because after graduating college (landscape architecture focus) decades ago, I went to work in the display gardens at MOHONK MT. HOUSEin New Paltz, NY. I was not very happy about the situation,  thinking flowers &#…

Blue and Red in your Garden - Henri Matisse

A certain blue enters your soul. A certain red has an effect on your blood pressure. 
- Henri Matisse

Euphorbia 'Diamond Frost' - Beautiful and Deer Resistant too


Design Tips for an Enchanting Garden Gate

A gate announces a new experience.

If you elongate or expand the entry area it makes the transition even more tantalizing.

The gate shown here is in a lovely property that I redesigned ...We installed a pool and renovated the old gate with new hinges, roofing and paint. I installed a bluestone threshold beneath and extended it out into the peony garden. The overhead roof makes a grand statement. The white color stands out against a green setting.

The gateway leads down existing brick steps which extends the 'entry experience'.
That is Salix integra 'Hakuro Nishiki' or Japanese Dappled Willow on both sides of the gate. It is a great plant for pool areas as its striking white-green foliage moves in the breeze and brightens up any sunny area. Cut it down to a foot or two above the ground in late fall and watch it grow back through the summer!

Here is the second entry into the same pool area (a contained space should always have at least 2 access/egress points, if physi…

A Great Article about Serene Outdoor Spaces

I was just interviewed for a great article about creating Serene Outdoor Spaces. It is a lovely summary of the three elements of a calming and joyful garden: Go here for the article. 

Hybrid Horsechestnut - Garden Photo of the Day

This is the flower of Aesculus pavia x flava. It was taken at theLongenecker Gardens at the UW-Arboretum in Madison, WI.

I have never seen anything like this..had to share.

Serenity in the Garden: Continuously Creating....

Life and Death, possession and loss, 
success and failure, poverty and wealth, 

virtue and vice, good and evil, 

hunger and thirst, heat and cold -- 

these are changes of things in the natural course of events. 

Day and night they follow upon one another, 
and no man can say where they spring from.

Therefore they must not be allowed to disturb the natural harmony, 
nor enter into the soul's domain.

One should live so that one is at ease, 
and in harmony with the world, 

without loss or happiness, 

and by day and by night, 

share the peace of spring with the created things. 

Thus continuously one creates the seasons in one's own breast. 
Such a person may be said to have perfect talents.

- Confucius

Succulents 101 - A Great Infographic

I don't know much about succulents. This is a great place to start.....

Garden Photo of the Day - Vanessa Rosse


Chasmanthium 'River Mist' - WOW!

This lovely variegated cultivar of the ornamental grass - Northern Sea Oats 'River Mist' -  really brightens up a light shady spot. Chasmanthium is a native N. American clump forming grass.  I think it is good for pots.  It likes light shade, is deer resistant and low maintenance. Cut back in late winter or very early spring before new growth begins.

'River Mist' looks especially graceful in a pot with Lamium 'Ghost' and small begonias. It grows from zone 4 - 9. 30" tall.  Here is Lamium 'Ghost' - It is a ground cover and great in shady areas.  The bamboo-like blades of 'River Mist' are marked in white and in summer its oat-like seed heads making a shimmery silver/white display. In fall, bring the dried seed heads indoors for unique cut flower bouquets.
Have fun!

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