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Garden Wisdom

  If Nature is your Teacher your Soul will awaken ~ Paracelsus   Have you ever experienced a moment when the wafting fragrance of flower blossoms captured your attention and lifted you away? Or when the birdsong around you was louder than the chatter in your head? This exquisite moment of 'stop time' can occur anywhere - while you bask in the warm morning sun or even while hurrying to your car. You may have stopped and looked around, enjoyed the trilling of the birds and felt a connection, for that brief instance, to the green world.         That moment of awareness can become a more regular occurrence in your life if you study the web of Creation that occurs in a garden. Just as a wine connoisseur learns to relishes that first sip on his tongue; you can learn to savor a flower, a rock or even a breeze.         Gardening and wine are very similar; although not essential to life, they enrich our everyday experience.     Gardens are a m

More jewel tones for your Garden

  Jewel tones are rich colors that resemble gemstones including emerald green ( 2013 color of the year),amethyst purple, ruby red, topaz yellow, sapphire blue, tourmaline green, and turquoise blue. A jewel tone is bold and lends an air of distinction to a space. They bring a scintillating 'Pop' to a garden.  Complimentary jewel tones like amethyst purple and topaz yellow are especially popular. Jewel tones look great indoors as well...I love this painting and chairs below... But too much saturation can be overwhelming...You must temper your exuberance a little.... I mean, isn't the table above a little intense? Richness can lead to burn out... Fire Spinner Ice Plant But you can get away with lots of jewel tones when you use plants that fall into this category... Smoke Bush   The smoke Bush Royal Pueple or Velvet Cloak fits in this category.   Jeweltone bouquet   Spello, Italy   Flowers also can be combined to be