Garden Wisdom

If Nature is your Teacher your Soul will awaken ~ Paracelsus
Have you ever experienced a moment when the wafting fragrance of flower blossoms captured your attention and lifted you away?
Or when the birdsong around you was louder than the chatter in your head? This exquisite moment of 'stop time' can occur anywhere - while you bask in the warm morning sun or even while hurrying to your car. You may have stopped and looked around, enjoyed the trilling of the birds and felt a connection, for that brief instance, to the green world. 
That moment of awareness can become a more regular occurrence in your life if you study the web of Creation that occurs in a garden. Just as a wine connoisseur learns to relishes that first sip on his tongue; you can learn to savor a flower, a rock or even a breeze.
  Gardening and wine are very similar; although not essential to life, they enrich our everyday experience. 
Gardens are a microcosm of the pulsating tapestry of aliveness that exists around us.  They encourage us to delight in the green world and its glories. Being a gardener or garden lover allows us to savor the essence of what others may overlook. 
If we stop and take the time to appreciate even the littlest things, we may even be transported to that lovely  ‘stop time’ moment. 


  1. "Savoring the essence of what others may overlook" is a wonderful way of describing what a garden lover possesses. If you can stop and take that moment to let nature in you have been blessed. I have seen this awakening of such appreciation in my own family, it is a magical moment.
    Thank you for sharing the beautiful garden photos.

    1. Renata - thank you for that wonderful comment! I appreciate your lovely thoughts.

  2. Jan - Lovely post - the slow, easy, observing in the garden is certainly elements I savor. thanks. c

    1. Thanks Claudia!
      savor is such a great word.


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