Plant of the Year - Chelsea, 2014 - Miss Saori Hydrangea

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Miss Saori Hydrangea

Plant of the Year, Chelsea Flower Show 2014. 

'Miss Saori' is from Japan and is a dwarf hydrangea growing to about 3 ft. by 3 ft. with leaves that turn burgundy in the summer.  

This compact hydrangea blooms on old and new wood, giving it potential to bloom in colder climates where stems might be knocked back to the ground in winter.

The mophead flowers are white with picotee pink edges.

 In milder climates it will bloom over an extended period of time—first on old wood and later on new wood.

I don't know the hardiness zone. Sorry.


  1. Hello Jan,
    Miss Saori looks very beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing this article and picture with us.


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