Chasmanthium 'River Mist' - WOW!

click here to get chasmanthium River Mist 
This lovely variegated cultivar of the ornamental grass - Northern Sea Oats 'River Mist' -  really brightens up a light shady spot. Chasmanthium is a native N. American clump forming grass.  I think it is good for pots. 
It likes light shade, is deer resistant and low maintenance.
Cut back in late winter or very early spring before new growth begins.

oat-like seed heads rustle in the breeze

'River Mist' looks especially graceful in a pot with Lamium 'Ghost' and small begonias. It grows from zone 4 - 9. 30" tall. 
Here is Lamium 'Ghost' - It is a ground cover and great in shady areas. 
Lamium 'Ghost' 
The bamboo-like blades of 'River Mist' are marked in white and in summer its oat-like seed heads making a shimmery silver/white display. In fall, bring the dried seed heads indoors for unique cut flower bouquets.

Have fun!


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