Design Tips for an Enchanting Garden Gate

A gate announces a new experience.

If you elongate or expand the entry area it makes the transition even more tantalizing.

The gate shown here is in a lovely property that I redesigned ...We installed a pool and renovated the old gate with new hinges, roofing and paint. I installed a bluestone threshold beneath and extended it out into the peony garden. The overhead roof makes a grand statement. The white color stands out against a green setting.

The gateway leads down existing brick steps which extends the 'entry experience'.

That is Salix integra 'Hakuro Nishiki' or Japanese Dappled Willow on both sides of the gate. It is a great plant for pool areas as its striking white-green foliage moves in the breeze and brightens up any sunny area. Cut it down to a foot or two above the ground in late fall and watch it grow back through the summer!

Jan Johnsen - Johnsen Landscapes & Pools

Here is the second entry into the same pool area (a contained space should always have at least 2 access/egress points, if physically possible..), it is a simple white gate that leads to a set of steps ascending into the pool zone.

This is not meant to be an elaborate entry, rather it is a quiet spot, off to the side.

I placed two pots of purple annuals on top of the wall...These
add a bit of color to entry.


  1. Love the white entry door with the flowers surrounding it.It looks great! Thanks for sharing.


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