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Friday, November 16, 2012

The Versatile Banana Leaf - Nature's Packaging

I attended the University of Hawaii and lived on an organic farm in Waimanalo. This was decades ago but I never lost my fascination with banana plants ( there are many varieties!) and their multiple uses.

Banana trees make great windbreaks.
Banana leaves are a wonderful, versatile way to carry and serve food....Here are some great ideas:

Stir fry lunch, wrapped in a banana leaf tied with bamboo, with chopsticks cut from lotus or something like that..... It unfolds into its own little bowl.

The person who took this photo writes:
"Cheap, readily available, secure, waterproof, light, strong, beautiful to hold and look at and it'll biodegrade with the rest of the forest. Brilliant."
The banana leaf is highly flexible. The shiny and natural waxy surface of the banana leaf is ideal for any wet and greasy food.
 McDonalds - are you paying attention?
The leaf packaging will keep you clean. Design - Tal Marco.

Of course many cultures have used the banana leaf for generations...but let us take it into the 21st century and use the leaves instead of styrofoam.  It is a no brainer for certain uses....

The trees are good for windbreaks and erosion control, the leaves for packaging and bowls, the fruit for food and even for fuel.

Banana Leaf Packaging - a new industry waiting to be born.