Planting Design for Dry Gardens by Olivier Filippi

Do you garden in a dry area? 
I love this teaching approach by Olivier Filippi.

1: Salvia chamaedryoides
2: Rhodanthemum hosmariense
3: Artemisia abrotanum 'Silver'
4: Phlomis 'The South'
5: Senecio vira-vira
6: Salvia fruticosa
7: Salvia leucophylla
8: Artemisia lanata

This photo and information is from a French website that I cannot translate into English. It is by the authority on dry gardens, Olivier Filippi, and is very good. Check it out:

Also he wrote a great book called 'Planting Design for Dry Gardens'. 

Nigel Dunnett says, "In Planting Design for Dry Gardens Olivier Filippi has charted a future for garden and planting Design. Combining authoritative practical advice with deep ecological insight, Olivier shows how learning from nature can give us the best of all worlds: beautiful and sustainable gardens with a unique sense of place. I challenge anyone not to be inspired by this important work". 

You can click on it on the sidebar to the right.


  1. Jan, Go to and translate the page. I would love to have a dry area in my too wet garden.

    1. Denise - thanks for that great tip! I will do that..Jan

  2. Great fun, Thank you for the information n sharing to me domino 99

  3. Great read , would love to see some real results of aplication of this planting design. Will come back for more articles :)


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