Angelface Blue and Dark Violet Angelonia - a Flower that Keeps Giving

(Angelonia with Helichrysum, petunia, Johnsen Landscapes)

Blue is everyone's "favorite color."  It is, hands down, the most popular color worldwide and is the least "gender specific" color, having equal appeal to both men and women. Now Purple is giving blue a run for its money as the second favorite color....

Blue is the favored color for toothbrushes, so that says it all!  (this info is from a great website: Sensation Color) but can purple be far behind?

Scientists have found that the color blue causes the body to produce chemicals that are calming. This may be why we all like to be around blue....stare at this square and see if it calms you.

In fact, over the past decade, scientists have reported the successful use of blue light in the treatment of psychological problems such as addictions, eating disorders, impotence, and depression.

Moreover, a deep blue/purple such as Indigo or Deep Violet symbolizes mystical wisdom and spiritual insight. It increases contemplation and quiet moments of introspection. Think: chakra colors.....
So it follows that if you have blue and purple flowers in your garden you will be calmer and more insightful!!!! Ha!

Which of course leads us to Angelface Blue Angelonia (and Angelface Dark Violet Angelonia) .... purple/blue and deep violet flowers abound on these two varieties of the 2 ft. tall  'summer snapdragon'.

Angelonias love the heat and will flower all summer. No deadheading required, easy and rewarding, just keep up regular fertilizing and watering. This plant can be a perennial in Florida.   People, Places and Plants Magazine listed Angelface Dark Violet as one of the 12 Hot Annuals for 2008.

The Angelonia Angelface Dark Violet and Angelface Blue ( it is hard to tell the difference in color ) is a standout plant in a garden. They bloom well into the fall and also make a great cut flower that will last up to 10 days indoors! I plant masses of these for my clients....

And guess what? Proven Winners says they are DEER go plant Blue or Dark Violet Angelonia with Euphorbia Diamond Frost for a luscious, deer resistant combination.....


  1. I agree with you about Angelonia. Last year was the first time that I had it in my garden, and it was awesome! My west garden has such hot afternoon sun, and these things loved it!

  2. Haven't ever seen Angelonia for sale here. Here's hoping this is the year, as I don't see myself doing mail order for an annual.

    I hedge my bets and use blue pots, that way, no matter my planting scheme, there is blue.

    Christine in Alaska

  3. I discovered angelonia last year--outstanding performance. This year I am using Angelface Dresden Blue, as it is not so purple as the other "blues." While I am using some lavendar angelonias, I do not like the color purple. Never have. Use it sometimes, though.

    For blues I have been using Techno Heat Light Blue lobelia--which comes in mid and dark blue also, really blue. Trails well, stands sun, blooms until the last, last frost.

    About blue being calming? Recently I had my living room and dining room painted blue; my house is blue with a blue metal room; our cars are blue--who needs Xanax?

    But really, pink is my favorite color--coral pinks, rose pinks, raspberry pinks.

  4. who needs xanax, indeed! again another lobelia is another fabuloso ble plant and the techno heat stands up to lobelia's dreaded nemesis - summer heat...

    why isn't lobelia available in Alaska? I guess flowers up there must be short lived?

  5. Certainly inspired to incorporate this into my garden in the near future.

  6. Oh! Those flowers caught my attention. It seems you have a great flower gardens. How I wish I could have a cool garden like yours. Keep it up!


  7. Lovely flowers! Wish I can also arrange beautiful flowers like that. I want to learn how to arrange flowers cause it so interesting. Anyway, I enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for sharing!


  8. Oh! Those flowers caught my attention it seems you have a great flower on your table and I wanna learn how to arrange flowers too. Keep posting!


  9. I used your blue imaage as a picture in a Latin pro.

  10. Blue really does calm me down and make me relaxed.
    Yet, i do think the reason more people are falling for Purple is because the teen star Justin Bieber's favorite colour is Purple. He's spread world wide give many teenage girls the favor in thinking "Since Justin bieber loves purple, i do too!!"

    Blue is also the favoirte color of many pop stars aswell including the famous Youtube sensation Christian Beadles, who is also close friends with Justin.

    BTW: I'm only 12, and i know my facts. XD

  11. where did you get the blue square monochrome above? i love it.

  12. I can't remember - Can you just copy it from this blog?

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