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Gardening is an instrument of grace. "

May Sarton

Friday, February 18, 2011

A Great Blog - Toronto Gardens Blog

When I started this blog I wasn't very savvy about photos and linking and all that.

But now I am so I hope to rectify a few omissions.  My first priority is to make up for my use of a great photo from Toronto Gardens blog  - I did not ask them or even worse,  link back to them...

I just wrote Toronto Gardens blog under the photo...

Well, to make up for that, I am here to tell you how great the Toronto Gardens Blog is. (click here or on the title of this post)...

The bloggers write about themselves : "Brought to you by the muddy hands of Helen Battersby and Sarah Battersby, sisters and neighbours who come from long lines of English gardeners...".

Their blog is both beautiful and informative. And they have high ratings to prove it.

They have been at this garden blog business a while...they started their blog in 2006!

So please add Toronto Gardens Blog to your garden blog 'must read' list....

Of course - Toronto is the home of the Toronto Music Garden:


  1. Hi, Jan,
    Thanks for the Toronto Gardens plug! Very nice of you. I'm eager for a little serenity in the garden, once all this snow disappears. Cheers to you and your readers.

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    This blog is so great.

    Thanks for sharing all of this to us.

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