Architectural Projection Mapping - Buildings Come Alive

The marriage between video and architecture has occurred.

Now the creatives among us have figured out how to project fun graphics onto famous buildings...Here is what they did at the Branchage Film Festival on the island of Jersey

...(they also did this on the Gehry building at the Vimeo Film Festival in NYC)....

I know this is not about gardens but imagine the possibilities! Blade Runner was just a glimpse of what we will have in the future...

Times Square will be a vibrating mass of moving buildings.

Battle of Branchage from seeper on Vimeo.


  1. I usually do not have the patience to watch videos online, but this was so entertaining I did not find my mind wandering, and did not want it to end!
    I can't wait for the time when we all have the ability to use this technology on the boulders in our backyards or our stone walls, etc.
    Thanks for another eye-opening, fascinating post!

  2. Imagine building a tall stone wall in a garden and calling it the Projection Wall....such fun.


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