The Restful Call of Green

Green in all its shades and tones is the tranquil color of Nature.

 It wraps us in a multi hued cloak in a garden, twining lime green together with moss green, spring green, fern green and deep pine green to create a feeling so luxurious that we can forget all our cares. 

This is the siren call of a serenity garden at its best and it begins with the natural world’s ever changing show of green.

(garden & recirculating waterfall...Jan Johnsen)
If you love gardens you probably love green...

While some gardens seek to stimulate the senses, a predominantly green garden promotes relaxation and quiet contemplation.

The best model is the classic Japanese garden which uses striking plant textures and forms rather than myriad colors to create an oasis of green peacefulness. 

In such a serene landscape, pine, holly, azalea, ferns and junipers display the passing of each season in verdant contrasts.

 In summer, lush foliage play against deep shadows; in winter, variegated greens, evergreen boughs and the tracery of bare branches offer an austere and still setting.


  1. I can feel the textures and the cool of green in the garden as you describe it. Beautiful. I am blessed to live in a green world (native New Zealand bush and rainforest) however, realize how I take it for granted when I am reminded by you that this "oasis of peacefulness" bathes us everyday. Thanks again!

  2. in my mind's eye I see New Zealand as the 'Pandora' of our I right?

  3. I must then be very rested. My garden is almost nothing but green at the moment, waiting for my perennials to spring forth.

    1. Enjoy your green and shaded rest, Swimray!


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