The Lion Whisperer - Kevin Richardson

Lions have nothing to do with gardens for sure...but they are a part of Nature's magnificence and so I wanted to share this with theory is that avid gardeners also love I right?


  1. Everything relates to the garden.

  2. I think you might be right about gardeners loving cats. I do too, as long as they are in the house and not stalking the wild birds in my yard.

    As for the lion guy, how does he get life insurance;) We've got bear whisperers up here and the prevailing thought is, "they're crazy." I can think of many ways of dying that are more pleasant than mauling, but not many less so.

    Christine in Alaska, giving top predators a wide berth!

  3. and how come he doesn't get scratched when they paw him lovingly?

  4. I love a cat of any size, but this guy is pushing his luck a bit! But the cats are beautiful, and he clearly loves them, which they surely sense. Thanks...fascinating

  5. Play play play, sleep sleep sleep, eat eat eat!! We need to learn from these gorgeous beings -- what life is really all about! We are waking up to the deep spirit available to us through our loving relationships with animals. Kevin R. is opening a window for us of things to come. The Peaceable Kingdom. Our hearts open wide when we hug our cats, dogs, and lions!

  6. Thanks for sharing that. we were not allowed to have animals when we moved there and I miss my cat sooo much. Not matter what the size they are all cats! I am going to South Africa in December, so hope to see some of those beautiful creatures - I never tire of them!

  7. Thanks Dr. Louisa for the peaceable kingdom idea...

    to African aussie - I hope you visit this guy...


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