What this blog is really about - Divinity in the Garden

In this blog I aim to explore traditional approaches to landscape design, plants and earth tending and share them with you, the garden lover.

 I believe that now, at the dawn of the 21st century, we can learn a lot from these 'rediscoveries'.

It is my firm belief that the ancient ways and ideas can help us reconnect with the 'numinous dimension' of a garden.

And this, after all,  is where the enchantment that we are all seeking can be found....


  1. Exactly! I love the first pic. Where is that place?

  2. Hear! Hear! I know I have experienced a lot of peace and reconnection in my own little garden. It is certainly a place of meditation and relearning...

  3. Jan I love the purpose of your blog and feel so much the same about gardening..

  4. Beautiful words! I will be back time and time again to visit.

  5. Thanks to you all! Peace is where you find it and we all seem to find it in our gardens...

    the top photo is a 'cairn on the mountain in the Lake District'.

  6. Please come and check out my blog at medschooldream.blogspot.com. Let me know what you think and please please please leave a comment. See I begged and I am a stranger how weird and serious is that?..lol. Thank you :)

  7. Plant life and have it give give back pure energy. What a wonderful thing!!


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