The Bubble Armchair - A Great Chair for Outdoor Fun

Do you watch Boston Legal?

Nearly every episode ends with  a “trademark” scene between Denny Crane (William Shatner) and Alan Shore (James Spader). The two sit on the balcony off Crane’s office, reclining in BUBBLE arm chairs, smoking cigars and sipping glasses of Scotch.

photo from a fun website:

Their friendship is highly celebrated but the real reasons these scenes are so compelling are the armchairs!!!!

The Bubble Club Armchair by Kartell and Design Within Reach (and designed by Philippe Starck) offers irony and comfort with an air of versatile sophistication. It can the center piece of any outdoor space.

Made entirely of polyethylene, the very comfortable Bubble Club Armchair owes its cartoonlike appearance to the contrast between traditional lines and exaggerated contours. The water resistance of the plastic makes this chair (and its sofa) a fun choice for pool furniture as well.

And the light weight construction makes it easy to carry it back and forth from patio to poolside.

And they light up at night - if you opt for the interior lights.

from designawards.files.wordpress

Of course you may want something a little less which case this chair might appeal to you:

Kimber modern B & B from Myranchburger



  1. I was a big fan of Boston Legal and that wonderfully wacky Denny Crane. The balcony scenes at the end of each episode (where the chairs were located) were wonderful. I miss this BL, thanks for the memory. Cheers!

  2. I always loved those charis..better not show my husabnd though...he already had to have the old fashioned glasses they used

  3. After I started watching Boston Legal, I searched high and low for these chairs, then was disappointed in how expensive they were. But they're still awesome!

  4. I guess you have to be a lawyer to afford them (smile)

  5. could someone please tell me what is the name of the plant that grows behind Mr. Crane in the photo?

  6. thank you for your answer about the plants :-)

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