Tree Spirits, Einstein and 'Frozen Light'

Why do certain tree species evoke the same response from all people? 

The Oak, for example, was considered  by the Celtic Druids to be the 'King of the Greenwood' . To them, oaks represented mighty and enduring power.  

The ancient Greeks also revered oaks - groves of them were deemed sacred territory.  
And Native Americans viewed the oak tree as a symbol of strength with supernatural powers. In fact, the tradition of “knocking on wood” is said to be of Native American origin  - they would knock on an oak tree in order to avert the failing of a hopeful prediction.

This similarity is true for many other trees from Ash trees to apple trees to maples.... So why do disparate cultures see tree 'personas' similarly?  

I think Albert Einstein figured it out.

  In  1905, Einstein, a young patent inspector in Switzerland,  came up with a simple equation that challenged the way we in Western society saw the  physical world: 

Few people, at the time, realized what this mix of numbers and letters meant but it was revolutionary to those who did. 

Einstein originally wrote the converse of this elegant equation  (M =  E/C2)  but it all means the same thing - 

mass (or matter) is a function of light and energy;

matter is energized light.

As Niels Bohr, another famous scientist, explained it, mass is basically ‘frozen light’. This applies to all physical creation, including trees and humans.

In essence, Einstein realized that human beings (and trees) are ‘energized light beings’

 This revolutionary equation brought modern physics to the border line of science and spirit. 

Einstein alluded to this interface when he described the awe that inquiring scientists feel when confronted with the  inner workings of nature:

“…[it is] a rapturous amazement at the harmony of natural law, which reveals an intelligence of such superiority, that compared with it, all the systematic thinking and acting of human beings is an utterly insignificant reflection. 

 This feeling is … closely akin to that which has possessed the religious geniuses of all ages.”

  (Albert Einstein, the World as I See It”, p.29)

   If we, and the physical world around us, are ‘energized light’ then the idea that electromagnetic auras surround our bodies is not as improbable as once thought.    

Ironically, Science, in its own way, has validated the Renaissance paintings of the saints by confirming the existence of halos...

            Plants and trees are also energized light and they, too, have an energetic aura.

Once you see the world in this way, thanks to E = MC 2 , a garden is more than a verdant retreat - it is also a conglomeration of chlorophyll filled, light catching balls of energy!

As Rumi, the 13th century Persian Poet and mystic, wrote:

"Once we were particles of Light, now we are beings of

Light, radiating Love"


  1. You nailed it. This is such a thought provoking article... I recommend that everyone reads this... genius.

  2. Frozen light...what a lovely way to think of the world around us! It makes me feel serene just to think about it, and the photos are so inspiring also!

  3. Great article! Enjoyed it very much!

  4. I loved this post! I started reading it because I am a real tree lover and live in the forest. But it was such a good post that I had to share it with my husband. Exactly the kind of things he keeps telling me!

  5. Katlupe - Thanks! tell your husband he is very connected...Read 'Natural Grace'...

  6. art, science, spirit, love, light - it's all one - how beautiful

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