10 Great Garden Photos of 2011 - Serenity in the Garden

What makes a great garden photo? Anything that delights you!

But if I had to put my finger on it - salient aspects would be the quality of the light and the richness of color.   Also, composition would figure prominently.

That said, here are some memorable photographs that have been featured in this year's 'Serenity in the Garden' blog posts....my criteria? whatever grabbed my eye as I perused the photos...I hope you agree. 

Doug Thayer Bench

photo: Jan Johnsen

zen garden kyushu

 garden by Jan Johnsen

Jim's Poppies 2011 : Jan Johnsen

Allerton Gardens Kauai  photo:Jan Johnsen

photo: Jan Johnsen

from Apartment Therapy

Pablo Reinoso bench


  1. I liked garden by Jan Johnsen. It's a perfect garden in my opinion............

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  2. Happy New Year to you and your loved ones, Jan.

    I love all 10 of your garden photos but the Zen Garden Kyushu raised a huge smile because I was remembering how I tried to create a little Zen garden in my backyard one summer several years ago but failed.

    Actually, it wasn’t my failure so much as my 2 dogs who repeated insisted on doing their own type of four-paw raking which was all too inconsistent with the Zen theory. So, I gave up.

  3. Hanna - you made me smile - paw raking may be the new garden fad for 2012....perfection can be stifling so I say Dogs rule!

  4. These are indeed some of the best photos of 2011. Thank you for sharing and best wishes to you in 2012!


  5. Back to you Michael and thanks! dreaming of spring.....

  6. I enjoy the beautiful photographs. These photos relate to the name of your blog.

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