#2 - Garden Ideas and Inspiration from 'Serenity in the Garden Facebok

photo by Jens Kolk

'Serenity in the Garden Blog' is the name of my Facebook Page.

Each day I post a photo of something garden related...it is an eclectic assortment and I post whatever I think might appeal to other kindred spirits out there. You can click here to go to the site: Serenity in the Garden on Facebook.

This is #2 of some photos from June 2012 on my FB page. I am trying to catch up and post them so they will be available to non-Facebook users.  I have a lot more to post!

This is dew garden time! Photographer Jens Kolk captured this photo of a ladybug covered in beads of morning dew in his garden: "I went out into the garden with my camera on a cold Sunday morning. The very special light shining just the right way led to to dozens of little sunstars."

Pavers in the lawn create a great pattern - by Peter Walker and Associates, 311 West Broadway, NYC

I am planting a mass of CIRCUS coralbells today in a garden... Raspberry colored flowers complement the large, chartreuse to medium green leaves. Maroon veining during the spring and gorgeous late-season foliage ranging from green to yellow and pink. Zone 4 -8

Want to see some fun stuff? go to Terra Trellis on line. I LOVE the Gracie Arbor...how cool is that? http://www.terratrellis.com/

In honor of the UK Diamond Jubilee year I present: The Queen Of England Shrub Rose, one of the ten most popular roses for over 40 years.

'Queen Elizabeth' is an elegant, grandiflora rose whose flowers come singly on one stem, similar to hybrid te...a roses. Cold climate rose.

It doesn't need much maintenance, can grow 4' - 5' tall and makes a good hedge. Cut down hard in late winter about once every 6 years to rejuvenate it. Mild fragrance. Info: http://www.rose-gardening-made-easy.com/queen-elizabeth-rose.html


Houzz featured one of my projects today (Johnsen Landscapes & Pools) - great article by the garden writer, Debra Prinzing!

Debra writes about my photo:
"I'm a sucker for a well-placed piece of artwork or sculpture in a garden setting. This classical bowl on a substantial pedestal has the correct proportion within the space. It rests informally on the green carpet of turf and relates nicely (at about half the height) to the border of ornamental grasses behind it.

As for scale, there's something quite elegant about the appropriateness of this piece. I can certainly imagine a much taller sculpture placed here. But I do appreciate how the pedestal's volume echoes the tree trunk at the far right."

White Prelude Sibirian Iris..easy to grow, deer resistant, comes back every year. Highly recommended for serene outdoor spaces.

Bedrock Gardens in Lee, New Hampshire has an open house once a month - 2012 dates are: June 16, July 21, August 18, September 15. All run from 10am to 4pm. I hope to go sometime. http://bedrockgardens.org/home.html

My French Country Garden is a wonderful wonderful FB page! All our dreams come true....
This is the Hybrid musk rose 'Buff Beauty'.

Garden Design by Johnsen Landscapes & Pools

Nepeta 'Walkers's Low' (Catmint) is deer resistant and steals the show in June in my part of the world! 
Catmint is an easy to grow perennial that provides a beautiful show of color in summer. They prefer full sun and ordinary, well-drained soil.  Shearing the plants back by half after their first bloom tends to stimulate a second bloom cycle. USDA Hardiness Zone 3-8. 
Try the shorter 'Kit Kat', its height is only 15-18 Inches. Photo and landscape by Jan Johnsen.
Pool Design and Installation by Johnsen Landscapes & Pools
What to do beneath a raised deck?....I used cedar lattice to screen below. And my client gained needed storage space!  Go to Johnsen Landscapes & Pools on Facebook for more pool settings that inspire...(and overcome tough site conditions)


  1. Your ladybug shot is out of this world. The droplets with the sun shining off of this little guy makes the pic perfection. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Thank You ! The ladybug shot is a winner!!! Thanks to Jens Kolk...he took it in his backyard. I really appreciate the feedback. It keeps me sharing with you other like minded lovers of the natural world.

  4. Helpful post and inspiring landscape designs - these what I found in these blog. Thanks.

  5. Thanks very much for sharing such refreshing and inspiring pictures. These brilliant garden design ideas of yours shall look more enticing if matched with high-quality garden furniture.

  6. Amazing post. Beautiful ideas here! I love the portage-style garden photos. Very inspiring!

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  7. reminds me that I should post more photos from my facebook page.....thanks!


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