Garden Sculpture and Antique Fair 2013 NY Botanical Garden

Do you live in the metro NY area? Want to celebrate the Spring in style?

Go the the NY Botanical Garden this weekend and while you are enjoying that amazing place - stop in and catch the GARDEN SCULPTURE & ANTIQUE FAIR...

so much fun!

Here is C.A. Johnson working on his lusciously rounded outdoor sculptures:

(love the walnut)

(photo thanks to Westchester Journal News)

And here is a moss covered urn on a plinth from England for sale by Balsamo Antiques:

and while you are strolling through the springtime paradise of cherry trees, daffodils, crabapples, magnolias and more you can also admire the amazing sculptures by Manolo Valdes located throughout the extensive grounds:


  1. Beautiful garden sculptures.....!! These are the best decorating material that adds new look to your garden.

    1. I agree! They add dimension to any outdoor setting.

  2. Oh wow.....loved this!!!!
    I just discovered your blog through decorative and simply adore it! So beautiful and motivating.

    Ancient Persian Horse from Persepolis

    1. Hello Ancient Sculpture! Going to the NYBG garden antiques fair this year?


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