A garden can be like a little piece of heaven in your backyard. You can incorporate color, light, shape, water, rocks, trees and fragrance to make a setting that causes your heart to sing.

My aim for the past 40 years has been to create enchanting outdoor spaces that induce sweet reverie through inspired design. Now I am anxious to share my knowledge with others and reveal captivating ideas for creating gardens of serenity and delight just as I have done for my clients throughout the years.

I will be giving a one day class at the New York Botanical Garden on Tuesday, June 11, 2013.  10:00 - 3:30 pm ( with a break for lunch)

Did you know that the octagon is a powerful shape? Perhaps this is why Thomas Jefferson designed his home at Poplar Forest as an 8 sided octagon...

Maybe you know that  Maple trees  affect us differently than oaks. I will explain why this is so...
I will share my approach to 'duality in landscape design'; how to use the divine proportion in your garden and much more. This is my most popular class and everyone has a lot of fun.

So please join us!

You have to register with the Continuing Education Department on line at the New York Botanical Garden. Click here for the class. 



  1. This post is different from what I read on most blog. And it has so many valuable things to learn. Thank you for your sharing!

    1. Thank You!....
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  2. Reading your blog post has been so light and easy because of the way you delivered each sentence and formed your words. You leave the impression of someone appreciative of beauty, which is a great trait of a gardener. And true to what you said, it is so heartwarming to have a garden that gives off a relaxing and rewarding feeling. Thank you for the inspiration, and I hope you inspire a lot more people!
    Jeremy @ Flowers\' Gardens & Landscapes

    1. Jeremy! You have made me, my week! Thank you for those kind and heartfelt step is a little lighter right now, thanks to you.


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