Picture of the Day-RED in the Garden

Berries of Viburnum pick up that wonderful red - photo Jan Johnsen.

Jack Lenor Larsen transformed his home and 16 acres in East Hampton, NY into the garden paradise called LongHouse Reserve. You can go visit this wonderful garden! 

In one area he installed two rows of Hino Crimson azaleas and then inserted a series of painted cedar posts the same red color as the azaleas that surround them.

When the azaleas pass and no longer bloom, he still has the same red accent among the greenery throughout the season. Here, the berries of the Viburnum in back pick up on that wonderful red.

I imagine they have to re-paint the posts often......but such a lovely and effective idea! Am ff to buy some Hino Crimson azaleas....

source: http://cloudmind.info/photography-what-makes-these-garden-photos-amazing/


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