Norm Magnusson - Decorating Nature

(Zig Zag Leaves - Norm Magnusson)

Artist Norm Magnusson lives near Woodstock, New York.   Yes, that Woodstock...

Magnusson (see his website, Funism) is an artist that uses all media to get his ideas across.

In his 'Decorating Nature' series of art photos (giclee prints - they're for sale) Magnusson paints on or colors pieces of nature, like adding stripes to a fallen leaf, painting a pine cone blue or drawing concentric rings on a stone. He says,

(Blue Cone - Norm Magnusson)

"We use nature to how we see fit: we strive to bring order to it,
 we seek to explain it in a language that doesn’t belong to it, 
we try to make it prettier, 
we try to make it better, 
we try to make it more profitable. 
Some efforts succeed, some don’t."     

(amen to that - Jan)

(Tree Rock - Norm Magnusson)

But Magnusson also says that his art photos are all about beauty, saying,

"Beauty is the best friend of consideration."

(Eastern Hemlock - Norm Magnusson)

Some of you may want to replicate Magnusson's ideas in your garden which would be a lot of fun. And as Magnusson writes,

"Lastly and maybe most importantly, this body of work is meant to be fun.
I hope you feel I’ve succeeded."

Oh yes, Norm - You have definitely succeeded.

For more great pics- Go to his blog:


  1. Fun! Thanks for sharing~gail

  2. I really want to like Magnusson work, because I like his concept, but I haven't seen it in person, and I feel that his work needs to be seen 'in situ' to be appreciated. Photographs just don't seem to convey what he is trying to do. WHere can his work be seen in situ?

    1. probably in the woods around Woodstock...go to his website and click on his art section.

  3. Stunning, would like to see the "live" piece I imagine they are even more breathtaking

    1. or perhaps they are ephemeral and dry up and blow away...?


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