Listening to the Earth Spirits in a Garden

A last Hydrangea in front of Doublefile Viburnum - November in my backyard

"While my gardens, admittedly neglected this summer, have morphed mainly to daisy-yellows and a plethora of pink malvas, the flowers from my friend Sharon's garden in Watertown, Massachusetts still flourish.
But you should know that Sharon speaks with earth spirits and they obviously help."

Crabapple in my garden in November

I love this - a mention by Sophia serve that Sharon speaks with earth spirits explains it all: "and they obviously help..."

I know that professional landscape designers - such as myself - should not acknowledge the earth spirits but while others may discuss clumping and mingling of plants I am here to broach the more murky subject of earth spirits.. :-)

  So in that light, here is my November ode to Earth Spirits:

Hellebore from Pine Knot Farm in my November garden

'Speaking with Earth Spirits' - Jan Johnsen

Deep down, in the warmth of the fecund earth,
the spirits sing songs of life.
Hoping we hear, they inhale and exhale along with the seasons.

Now, in the cool days of November,
they sing to us of rest and replenishment 
and ask us to be calm.

The time has come to listen
and of course, to rake the leaves...the leaves...

My crabapple my rocks?

And I will listen for the earth spirits, as I have always done.  Only now I am not afraid to tell others of my conversations. 


  1. I absolutely LOVE ur blog. The gardens, the pics, and above all, the soul stirring response I feel when checking it out. I must thank u with every fiber of my being. Don't mean to gush......just it is that awesome. So thank u.

    1. Doug! and may I say that your comment just made my entire week! Thank You so much for that.

  2. Wonderful poem and ode to the earth spirits and wonderful timing to express gratitude at the holiday for giving thanks for all that we harvest. Thank you for bravely giving credit to the earh spirits for their partnership with us.

    1. Thanks Andrea, I figured it was time to come out of the 'green closet'. :-) and thank you for those nice compliments!

  3. Every professional landscape designer I know acknowledges (deep down) and tries their best to honor and work with the earth spirits. I don't think they (you) could produce such beautiful and lasting work without them.

    1. Seabluelee - I agree wholeheatedly. Carl Jung talked about this a lot.


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