The Railings of Leicester Park, London

Image credit- James Newton
Leicester Park in London has been redesigned to provide Londoners and visitors alike a lovely urban park to enjoy. 

It is known for hosting film festivals and premieres in the heart of the city. They stage over 50 film premières every year as well as a number of other large scale events and the park attracts approximately two million visitors each week!  

So this redesign was aimed to make the park a truly outstanding public gathering space.  

From The Style Examiner
Along the perimeter of the square there is a curvilinear white granite ribbon bench where people stop and enjoy the setting.  Its organic shape brings ‘inside’ and 'outside’ together and this soft transition of the edge is helped by the mirrored stainless steel railings.  

The new gates and railings were manufactured by Midas Technologies Ltd.  The panel sheets were pre-polished and cut to desired specifications then were hand-polished to mirror-finish prior to installation.

for more - go to The Style Examiner

The design is by Burns + Nice. 
Source: Burns + Nice

The overall design is very exciting and the sinuous curves and the stainless steel railings are magnificent!

Stainless Steel Railing by Midas technologies


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