Got Shade? 'Moonlight' Japanese Hydrangea Vine

source: The Plant Hunter 
Got shade?
Try 'Moonlight' Hydrangea Vine! (Schizophragma hydrangeoides 'Moonlight') Zone: 5 - 9  Height: 180"

I just planted this vine against a stone wall in a very shady site.  It tolerates part to full shade and adheres well to a wall...In midsummer, large, lacy heads of hydrangea-like flowers form along this cultivar's stems, offering a moonlit display. The flowers can last for up to 2 months! Disease and pest resistant.

Scott Arboretum Hydrangea Vine
But it can grow fast and be aggressive so think first before you plant it....

With lovely pewter mottling on each heart-shaped leaf, this rare vine is perfect for lighting up shadowy sites. It can easily cover walls on the north side of a home or on trunks of large trees.

While it is called Hydrangea it is not a real is in the same family, however.  It may look like a climbing hydrangea but it hugs a wall more closely and it is more showy.

source: George Weigel


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