Nature Speaks: Color in Nature, Color in the Garden

 a great internet radio show!
I just had the nicest interview on an internet radio show with Christine Agro on Nature Speaks.

We spoke about color and its effect on us and how to use it in a garden... It is a lot of fun! If you would like to hear us talk about color please click here: 

Nature Inspired: Color in Nature, Color in the Garden

We  talk about yellow, green and white and of course, blue .... also about Lakshmi gardens, the idea of a Venus garden...and the sparkle of a white garden. 

Then Christine mentioned the most intensely colored fruit in Nature is Pollia condensata. I did not know about it and so I looked it up...

The berry is an intense blue and cannot be eaten by birds. It is shiny and keeps its color for a hundred years!

The Pollia does not contain colored cells; instead, its cells are coiled in a twist and form sheets. When sunlight filters down through these layers of cellulose, the vast majority of the cells reflect only the blue wavelengths. A few cells reflect other colors, which gives the fruit its characteristic shimmer.

Pollia condensata


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