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We all head to the light    #heavenisagarden

The aim of my book, 'Heaven is a Garden', is to have people to see their garden in a new light.  I share landscape design ideas that resonate with the earth and the heavens and I show how these can be used to create outdoor spaces that enhance wellbeing. 

Timeless stone at Innisfree   #heavenisagarden

My intention is to re-awaken interest in ancient wisdom and its connection to the natural world. Plants, trees, stone, water and more are highlighted and the book includes ways you can use these natural elements to create a calming atmosphere.  

Golden Full Moon Maple (Acer shirasawanum 'Aureum')

I talk about the effect of simple, defined forms and how they affect us in a garden layout. Circles are powerful. Ellipses encourage movement and are inviting. Rectilinear forms are familiar and comforting. 

repetition intrigues us

I also address color and show how gardens can use color in all its manifestations. Flowers, trees, water and artful objects inject color in wonderful ways that attract the eye and calm the mind. In 'Heaven is a Garden' I show how colors can affect our state of our being outdoors. 

 photo and garden, Jan Johnsen   #heavenisagarden
A garden that  incorporates 'simplicity, sanctuary and delight' can help us reconnect, relax, renew and, most of all, remember.  It encourages flow and breathing and the 'stop time' moment we all love.
 I hope my book inspires you to go out in the garden.

Heaven is a Garden 


  1. Can I purchase your book online? It looks really informative and fool of beautiful ideas!


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