'Lady in Black' Aster - A Deer resistant, Native Stunner

Lady in Back Aster from High Country Gardens 

 Want to make your plant border dramatic this year?

Plant the native perennial Aster lateriflorus ‘Lady in Black’. This 3-foot tall plant has dark purple leaves and it is covered with thousands of small dark buds by the end of summer.

These soon becomes a mass of tiny white flowers with raspberry-colored centers.  What an eye popping display compared to the dusky leaves! 

lady in Black Aster flowers

'Lady in Black'  is said to be deer resistant and is rabbit resistant. Plant Hardiness: Zone 4 -8 (maybe colder).  This fall-bloomer has flowers that appear laterally along one side of the stem (that is why the species name is lateriflorus).  It is an improvement over the native, developed in Holland.

It is a butterfly magnet and looks great in pots as well as the garden. Mass it for effect. Also good as a cut flower!

from Forest Farm 

You must pinch back the stems a lot. Do it several times by June - pinch stems back by one third to one half. General rule of thumb is to pinch until 4th of July and not after. Pinching yields better branching and more flowers.

Prefers full sun and dry, well-drained soil. 

This aster species is native to northeastern North America.

‘Lady in Black’ combines well with black-eyed susan, red-leaved sedum, Russian sage, ornamental grasses. It falls on its side  and grows horizontally a lot so it is good for slopes like here. Pinch it back a lot!

Ohio Gardener, Lady in Black 


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