Milk Carton Gardening - Build those Memories

Now More than Ever - Lets Get Kids Gardening - 

When did we abandon the simple pleasures of growing carrots in milk cartons, planting hollyhocks along old fences or having fragrant lilacs at the corner of a house? 

Let's reclaim this as part of our ordinary life...


We all have such memories - even city kids like me...

It might be the 'weed' that smelled like licorice (anise hyssop), 

or the buttercups that you put under your chin, 

or the honeysuckle that you could suck a teeny drop of 'honey' from, 


the sweet smell of roses as you walked past a certain house, 

or the bright yellow daffodils in early spring that sprang up overnight it seemed.

daffodils by Jan Johnsen

I would like us to revive 'garden memories' - to bring flowers, plants and gardens back into our lives.

This kind of knowledge has been cast aside in favor of math and physics but I say children can learn those disciplines better through understanding the phenomenal natural world around them.

So plant those sunflower seeds, pop in that Elephant Ear bulb and cut up those milk cartons....

transcendent garden memories await you and yours.


  1. My whole garden is filled with sentiment that spans more than 50 years.

  2. Sweet peas and bachelor buttons. I planted them every year as a child.

    1. sweet peas! Now how many kids know what those are?

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