A Reverence for Age and Antiquity

photo by Jan Johnsen  

  "We want also, somewhat more of reverence for age and antiquity. 

One of the great characteristics of the present generation is a fondness for novelty and unquestionably this is often a useful stimulus; but in grasping after and adopting everything that is new, let us not on that account, affect to despise everything that is old.

....we must nevertheless acknowledge, that human affairs move very much in circles; what, years ago, was at the bottom of the wheel and almost forgotten, again comes to the top and with a new dress and a different name, is eagerly run after as something entirely new. 

..... make us sensible of the fact, that every thing before and around us, is not our own work, and due to our own exertions, and did not all at once start into perfection, but was the slow growth of ages, and only attained after much toil and suffering."

Dr. William B. Casey, MD, Middletown, CT   1853 


  1. Very Nice article.along with pictures..
    Love to read your blogs.
    Thanks for sharing these articles.

    1. thank you so much, Not that kind of Farmer! you are my kind of farmer....

  2. A wonderful post! Reverence for age and antiquity is something we need to cultivate in our culture. As I myself age, my perspective seem to be more enlightened. Something take time to savor and understand.

    1. I agree, Laurin! the patina of time adds a richness to it all.


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