Listening for a Deeper State of Calm

Roger Ulrich (of Texas A & M University) found that viewing natural scenes in a hospital aided in recovery by evoking positive feelings and reducing stressful thoughts.

Now, Matilda Annerstedt of the Swedish University of Agricultural Science discovered that we recover faster from stress and our body returns to a normal, harmonious state after exposure to nature and nature sounds as compared to an ordinary indoor setting.

It seems the nature sounds triggered a significantly higher activity in the parasympathetic nerve system which, in turn, calms us. 
The active effect of natural sounds on our wellbeing indicates that we need to add sounds to a hospital setting, right?
Little research has been done in the field of sounds but I think birdsong will do a lot in helping our bio-physiological recovery from the stress of urban life.  


  1. Working in the yard, walking through the neighborhood, hearing the local wildlife through an open window, watching the squirrels chase each other, watering house plants--there are so many ways to connect with the natural world.

  2. Bird song is definitely healing and soothing and could be a good addition in hospitals, I agree.

  3. Beautiful first photo - it sure creates serenity here.

  4. Beautiful photos and points made. Having a serene area surrounding us can truly help our inner calm.

  5. What a thing to start a beautiful day.!!
    Amazing place for relaxation.!!
    Thanks for sharing Jan.


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