Pink Muhly Grass- Frothy, Pink and Deer Resistant

Pink Muhly Grass - Spring Hill Nursery 

Pink Muhly Grass, Muhlenbergia capillaris, is a native 'fave rave' of mine.
You might say it is a 'fave rave nave'.
It is a show stopping plant in the fall with its giant puffs of cotton-candy-pink plumes.

Whether in a hedge, border or patio container, this ornamental grass offers unbelievably profuse, feathery blooms amid 4 foot stems and a cascading habit. Give it plenty of sunshine and good soil drainage, and it will do the rest, beautifully withstanding heat, humidity, drought, and poor soil!
Pink Muhly Grass, is an extraordinary ornamental grass plant for many reasons: 

  • Its flower heads appear in the fall as a frothy haze of deep pink.
  • It is low maintenance and virtually pest free.
  • It is deer resistant.
  • Its deep roots makes it a tough, drought tolerant plant suitable for erosion control on slopes and useful in xeriscapes (Although regular irrigation and fertilization will encourage the best bloom).
  • It grows quickly with narrow glossy green leaf blades.

It is not hardy in my area as its native range extends from the south Atlantic Coast down into Texas and Mexico (zones 7 -10). Some people in zone 6 can grow it but it is iffy, depending on the microclimate. I will grow it as an annual.

photo from Baltimore Sun
 'Regal Mist' is a spectacular variety with a  haze of dusky pink when it blooms. It  looks amazing when placed against a dark backdrop of evergreen shrubs or a wall. 

Plant it in a group to create a magnificent sweep on a hillside and enjoy the full effect of this grass swaying in the autumn wind.
Or plant it by a pond, pool or other body of water.

Or plant it en masse in a sunny border with Knock Out Roses and geranium 'Rozanne'. wow!

You can also cut the flowers, dry them and enjoy them all winter indoors.

Pink Muhly Grass is a thoroughly enticing, tough and beautiful native plant. Plant some for a grand show in autumn.


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