'Om' in the Garden

Om symbol in garden - Jan Johnsen

We need to balance the pace and intensity of modern life 

with periods of what poet May Sarton 
has called "open time,
with no obligations except toward the inner world 
and what is going on there."

~ Thomas Moore
So how to touch the inner world in a garden?..

I suggest chanting 'OM.' (really it is 'AUM'), long and sustained, several times...“Om” is the oldest and most widely known one-syllable mantra or chant.    It is said very, very slowly.

Mantras are believed to contain a vibrational power that can lift us to higher states.

Scientists recently discovered that rhythmic recitations of a mantra can slow breathing and regulate heart rhythms, this in turn oxygenates the blood, lowers blood pressure and induces a feeling of calmness and well-being.

The Sanskrit symbol above represents “OM”. It does not say '30' as some might assume.   
The Om symbol (in photo above) consists of three letters, “a,” “u,” and “m,” and includes an after-sound of silence:

• The “a” (pronounced "ah," the upper curve) represents our waking state.

• The “u” (pronounced "ooh," the long, lower curve) is the dreaming state.

• The “m” (the curve issuing from the center) is the dreamless state of deep sleep.

 The after-sound is represented by the dot at the top...

Silently repeating a mantra does not produce the same effects as reciting them out loud.

You must chant OM. out loud...slowly. and remember the 'dot' or after-sound silence.

If repeating 'om' is not your thing then try this during your 'open time':

Listen - to the sounds around you.

Feel - the plants or the ground under your feet or the sun on your face.

See - what is around you.  enjoy the colors.

Smell - what does your environment smell like?

At first, you'll find your mind wandering away frequently but this exercise is calming and pleasant, a relaxing break.


  1. Lovely article and details on OM. OM is definitely the most energetic word...feeling low or disconnected, this is one word which can help one switch back.

    1. Hi Writerlol - I agree! saying Om out loud a few times always gets me back on track. - Jan


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