Looking Forward to New England Grows Nov 29- Dec 2!

Do you know about New England GROWS?

 It is the largest and most popular horticulture event in the Northeast.   It is a great place to go to connect with  other nursery, landscape and tree professionals and find out the latest in the garden and landscape world.

who attends?
Landscape Contractors
Landscape Architects
Landscape Designers
Commercial Arborists
Lawn Care Operators
Hardscape Contractors
Greenhouse Growers
Garden Centers
Nursery Growers
Irrigation Contractors
Golf Course Superintendents
Tree Wardens
Park & Recreation Managers
Property Managers
Sports Turf Managers
Utility & Line Clearance
Municipal Personnel / DPW
Plant Health Care Technicians
...and more!

They also have top experts speaking - see their exciting roster of speakers!  And leading suppliers from across the country and around the world will be displaying their good.

I spoke at New England Grows a few years ago and was struck by the professionalism of  the organization and the size of the event. This is a top notch horticulture event and so put it on your winter calendar right now!

If you are anywhere near Boston Convention and Exhibition Center on  Nov. 29 - Dec 1 please check it out.  And also go to their FB page. 

 Click here for registration information. 

For details please visit http://www.newenglandgrows.org/ or call (508) 653-3009.


  1. Is there any way to be a part of this exhibition for the person not living in England? Is there any online session of connecting to this event?

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