Gift Ideas for the Gardener in Your Life

Tuff Guard Hose wreath 

It is that time of year and you want to give wonderful, heart warming gifts to your garden lover friends. You want to find unusual and touching presents that acknowledge who they are and what they are into - not just hand cream. Right?

And you don't have a lot of money to spend and you would rather order on line than go crazy in a crowded shopping scene...

So,, in that spirit, I am going to suggest some inexpensive gift ideas for your gardening pals...the money limit is $20. and less for some fab ideas...

the market research is this:  If I want it then they will too.

Amazon - Cavallini Papers

You can use them as gift wrap or - better yet- frame them or laminate them and place in a suitable location.  Vegetable gardeners would appreciate the fruit and vegie gift papers. Succulent lovers will like this one:

And of course mushroom hunters will warm to this gift:

For the more practical souls, there is always Moo Poo Tea! This is the secret to healthy happy and thriving plants. And it is so easy to feed the plants with this all organic brew.


And you cannot go wrong with a subscription to the gorgeous Garden Design Magazine, a book-a-zine (no ads!) that is a true gift for anyone interested in plants, landscaping, design and home.

 I always share this at my talks because I believe more people should know about this great magazine! Look at this photo of Mia Lehrer's work from one of their issues: 

mia lehrer associates 

Each fabulous issue is less then my stated limit - the subscription is for four issues but you can get 5 issues if you click below.. 
Garden Design Magazine

And we must encourage our pollinators - so why not give the gift of a  Bee Home?  It works for orchard, mason, carpenter, honey and other native bees. It comes with  a rope hanger and place near your garden.  

Mason Bee Home

And we all would like a great hose - makes a very useful gift! This 25 ft Tuff Guard hose is super tough, kink free, and tolerates high pressure. Strong ends for attachments.  And this is a little more than $20....but there is a coupon.
Tuff Guard Hose

Tuff Guard Hose

The gift ideas are numerous and there There are more gardener  gifts that I will share soon.. Happy Shopping!


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