'Fire Marshall' Bee Balm - A New Take on a Favorite Perennial



Beebalm is a favorite for the perennial border, with a striking display of richly-colored flowers through the summer months. 

'Fire Marshall' Bee Balm (Monarda) is a moderate sized perennial, growing 24 to 36 inches tall, with bright red, shaggy  flowers.  The flowers are a favorite of butterflies and hummingbirds, growing above the foliage in the mid to late summer. Good clump forming habit. The leaves have a nice fragrance and are significantly more resistant to powdery mildew than most older varieties. 
Fire Marshall is a cross between two of the best beebalms, M. ‘Marshalls Delight’ and M. ‘Jacob Cline’. Developed by Dr. Jim Ault at the Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe, Illinois.
 Deer and rabbits largely leave it alone. A great cut flower. Add this new version of a classic perennial in your garden.
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 'Fire Marshall' grows best in well drained soils with moderate amounts of moisture.  Full sun. Overall, a fast growing, easy care plant. Zones 5 - 9.


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