Ms Mars Sunflower - A Purple-Tinged Beauty

Sunflower, Ms. Mars, , large
You can buy seeds for Ms Mars sunflowers from here

I love s
unflowers. And the variety known as Ms. Mars (Helianthus annuus 'Ms Mars') has crazy merlot-colored petals that radiate out to form an eye-popping flower. The ray petals slowly turn from a purple to a pretty pink. It is a dwarf variety, growing only 20"-30" high, with a strongly branching habit. 

Ms Mars Sunflower - branching and dwarf variety . Click here for more. 

Full sun. Easy to Grow.  Dark Purple buds.  Great for kids' gardens and anywhere. Plus, Ms Mars makes a stunning cut flower.  You can use petals and seeds in salads and cakes.And not only are the flowers permeated with a dark reddish purple hue but the leaves and stems are also tinged with this inky color.  

Add this sun loving, happy flower to any garden - guaranteed to make you smile. 

Sunflower Perfume Clip


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