White in the Garden

Here's a tip:  white flowers are a STAND OUT!

Who would think that simple white flowers would be so remarkable?

Amidst green foliage and gray skies white petalled flowers sparkle and shine to such a degree that you have to smile

...and I am not the first to discover white's compelling brilliance.

Vita Sackville West, the English garden writer(who became famous for her White Garden in her estate, Sissinghurst),  said it best,

"White flowers are anathema to all but the oldest and most sophisticated of gardeners."

This is a very sly way of saying that if you like white flowers you are are so cultured and discriminating.

...so there you go! I must be very classy because I fancy white pansies,white gardenias, white euphorbia, white lilies and white roses.

Euphorbia Diamond Frost ( deer resistant) courtesy: Proven Winners

(BTW, the above quote was the impetus for the name 'White Flower Farm'...which is an outstanding mail order nursery..check them out. )

I planted white azaleas to hang over some rocks

So to share my delight here are some white flowers you might consider for your plot:

White Chiffon Rose of Sharon - Proven Winners

Rockapulco White Impatiens - Proven Winners

Snow Cone Shrub Rose - Jackson and Perkins

white astilbe


  1. Thanks for these ideas about white flowers. I had a white camellia planted a few days ago, and a favorite to grow from seed is the moon flower. They do open at night and glow gently.

    1. Moon flower! That is one I want to grow - for the white moonlight garden of summer....


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