'Heaven is a Garden - Designing Serene Outdoor Spaces'

Heaven is a Garden 

Heaven is a Garden - Designing Serene Outdoor Spaces for Inspiration and Reflection
 taps ancient traditions and modern ideas to show you a new way to create a  place of peace and contentment outdoors.  

We all know that being outdoors in natural surroundings enhances our wellbeing – our blood pressure drops, our immunity is strengthened and our thoughts even seem to be clearer. 

So how can we recreate this at home where we can enjoy Nature’s benefits easily?  

I have ways been fascinated by the relationship between outdoor space and its effect upon our peace of mind.  This was the impetus for my book, Heaven is a Garden-Designing Serene Outdoor Spaces for Inspiration and Reflection(2014, St. Lynn’s Press).

We all head for the light - landscape by Jan Johnsen

In the book, I draw on my 40 years in the landscape design profession and share my  approach to creating inviting outdoor spaces. I explain 
  • how to find the 'power spot' in a landscape, 
  • how to use 'the most auspicious direction' in your garden 
  • which trees are best for adding certain qualities in a landscape.
  • why certain colors are better for a restful atmosphere
 I also share  how a sheltered corner and a curving flower bed can be used to create a special place where you can enjoy a moment of respite.

Here is a recent review of the book in the popular garden blog, The Garden Life (click on it):


Read a wonderful interview about the book - 
click here (click on it):  NATURE SACRED  

Jan Johnsen landscape


  1. Looks like a very inspirational book , with fantastic photos too !

    1. Thanks Jane! It has been a long time in coming. I think you, a great garden blogger, will enjoy it!

  2. How exciting to see your book in print any day now; I like the topic. I am looking for a publisher for my book which is about gardening and Scripture and will check out St. Lynn's Press.
    I would be happy to review it on Amazon and on my blog, if you are giving away review copies.

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  5. Amazing!! Really it is an useful blog post. Thank you so much for sharing excellent post.
    Ronald Meason St Charles

  6. Great job! These are really very pleasing photos. Thanks for sharing such Nice ideas. Ashvin Ranpariya

  7. There's so much more health benefits to just being in your garden. I find it relieves my stress and does lower my blood pressure. Everyone should definitely get into gardening. Feel free to check out my website on it!


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