Web Surfing for Garden Design Ideas

It is spring! And you want to change your garden - but you need your imagination to be re-charged, re-juiced and re-wired. 

You can take a walk in the woods, the fields or country lane and breathe in the fresh air or you can... surf the web.

Websurfing for garden design inspiration is fun if you know where to start. As a websurfing aficionado myself , I know you can go to PINTEREST and lose your day.  But it is a trove of ideas - each more delightful than the next.

Two other inspiring sites are:

 If you want to see amazing gardens in relatively small spaces the first place to go to is the RHS Chelsea Flower Show website.

 Full of the best and latest ideas in garden design, all lushly illustrated, the British are the acknowledged masters of garden design. Long live the Chelsea Garden show!

For example, the 2010 voters' choice garden was the M & G investment garden designed by Roger Platts.

The photos on the RHS website of this garden are wonderful....

note the rounded forms in ths garden - no wonder it got the people's choice award...we are all suckers for curves

Another jam packed website to go to is the Garden Design magazine website...It has now gone out of business but I hope its 'articles' and 'great gardens' stay on in the web. Go now before they close it down.

From the first website you can get lost just clicking away from one fab image to another...the Dewey decimal system is gone,  lost in a sea of internet froth left in your websurfing wake.  

Bon Voyage!


  1. Thanks for telling us about these fantastic websites! I have often wondered where you find out so many interesting new things that I have never even heard of!

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    1. I should update this because Garden Design is now in business again...thanks Mark!

  4. I agree. When spring comes in, you can’t think of anything but a good garden design. Surfing the internet and finding the right inspiration for your space will surely be a priority before proceeding with puttering around the garden. Anyhow, thanks for sharing this. This will make a good reference for other people. Cheers!

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  5. Pinterest is a treasure of ideas....


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