Grounded Design by Thomas Rainer

Thomas Rainer has a wonderful blog called - GROUNDED DESIGN.
He is eloquent and writes some very insightful commentaries. He says they are "musings on the form, meaning, and expressions of designed landscapes."

His blog post on 'All You Need to Know' features the planting plans of Piet Oudolf and Burle Marx. His points in this post are so well done. Bravo, Thomas! 

Rainer writes the perfect reasons why Landscape Design is so important. Here it is:

"I believe:

Good design matters.

The quality of our environment affects our health and spirit.

Gardens are points of connection, grounding, and continuity.
Well loved spaces amplify living.
Nature should be interpreted, not imitated in designed landscapes.

Planting design should be bold, daring, and uncompromising.

We can reclaim biodiversity and habitats within human landscapes.

A good day ends with dirt under my nails, grass stains on clothes, and dreams of the next garden."

Thomas Rainer

I couldn't have said it better. It is so true - especially the last line.



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