Fine Gardening Magazine Website and my Blue Gate, Grass Steps

Welcome Fine Gardening Readers! 

I say that because yesterday I got so many new visitors here due to my garden photo on the fabulous Fine Gardening Magazine website. For those who don't know it, check it out - it is full of all manner of things horticultural - very inspiring and informative.

Yesterday they featured a shot of a lovely blue gate entrance in one of my gardens: click right here for the link.  

And today they featured my signature Grass Steps and garden. Click here for that link.


The Great Photo of the Day site is run by Michelle Gervais, who has an extensive hands-on knowledge of plants, gardens, nurseries, etc. She even worked in my neck of the woods for a time. You can subscribe to her photo of the day. Click here for that.


  1. Jan, Fine Gardening is exactly what you do and so I am glad that the magazine by the same name is featuring your brilliant and unique work. Not everyone is lucky enough to experience first hand the one-of-a-kind beauty you create in each of your gardens and so it is wonderful that your blog and other journals provide the pictures for inspiration.....something we gardeners need as we face a few more months of w_-_-r!


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