Sustainable Landscape Design - My Powerpoint Talk on Sat Jan. 22, 2011

Foamflowers / Hay Scented Fern - Johnsen Landscapes & Pools
Sustainable Landscape Design -

Tips on Creating Beautiful Outdoor Spaces for a Healthy Biosphere


A dry stream gardens in the making

My Powerpoint talk on Sustainable Landscape design is very informative - if you are interested please contact me! I call on my decades of experience in dealing with tough site situations in a sensitive manner...Lots of great ideas you can use!
Sourwood (Oxydendron)

I have expanded that somewhat to address Sustainable Landscape Design which would touch upon the various aspects of designing with our ecosystem in mind.


Soft paving

Some of the points covered:
  • Creative ideas to minimize surface water runoff
  • Rain gardens and plants
  • Alternatives to hard surface paving
  • Actual projects and layout ideas - before and after photos
  • Discussions of the best native plants for use in gardens our area
  • Unique ways to combine native plants
This dry stream catches a lot of runoff from the slope - I took this photo right after we finished



  1. I love looking at the landscapes you feature. They are all so lush and serene.

  2. Thank you Hazel! that is my aim have made my day.

  3. Love love the tiarella/dennstaedtia combo with the beautiful bench. Fabulous!
    I imagine that my final semester at CU will have totally heated up by the 22nd, but I would love to hear this talk.

  4. it is right up your alley, Sarah.

  5. I like some of the landscape design you posted in here.

  6. Love the idea of the run off stream catcher. What a great idea and a way to stop damage from the spring rains.

    1. I have many more photos of drystreams - will share in another post, Jesse. Good luck landscaping in Spokane.

  7. These are fantastic designs, Jan! Every photo speaks of a refreshing environment. And oh, your dry stream is very lovely. It dramatically represented the actual condition of our environment.

    Matt Kucik

    1. Thank You Matt! and I hope you buy my book next year - Heaven is a Garden - you will get some great ideas for your gardens.


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